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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Professor Tom Lancaster

Lancaster, T., Xiao, F., Salman, Z., Thomas, I.O., Blundell, S.J., Pratt, F.L., Clark, S.J., Prokscha, T., Suter, A., Zhang, S.L., Baker, A.A. & Hesjedal, T. (2016). Transverse field muon-spin rotation measurement of the topological anomaly in a thin film of MnSi. Physical Review B 93(14): 140412(R).

Author(s) from Durham


We present the results of transverse-field muon-spin rotation measurements on an epitaxially grown 40-nm-thick film of MnSi on Si(111) in the region of the field-temperature phase diagram where a skyrmion phase has been observed in the bulk. We identify changes in the quasistatic magnetic field distribution sampled by the muon, along with evidence for magnetic transitions around and 30 K. Our results suggest that the cone phase is not the only magnetic texture realized in film samples for out-of-plane fields.