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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Liu, J, Goddard, P.A., Singleton, J, Brambleby, J, Foronda, F, Moeller, J.S, Kohama, Y, Ghannadzadeh, S, Ardavan, A, Blundell, S J, Lancaster, T, Xiao, F, Williams, R.C, Pratt, F.L., Baker, P.J., Wierschem, K, Lapidus, S.H., Stone, K.H., Stephens, P.W., Bendix, J, Woods, T.J., Carreiro, K.E., Tran, H.E., Villa, C.J. & Manson, J.L. (2016). Antiferromagnetism in a Family of S = 1 Square Lattice Coordination Polymers NiX2(pyz)2 (X = Cl, Br, I, NCS; pyz = Pyrazine). Inorganic Chemistry 55(7): 3515–3529.

Author(s) from Durham


NiX2(pyz)2 have been synthesized and characterized using several magnetic probes. Except for X = Cl, long-range AFM order was found below TN = 1.9 (X = Br and NCS) and 2.5 K (X = I). In addition, Jpyz ∼ 1 K regardless of X, and D = 8 K for NiCl2(pyz)2, whereas D ∼ 0 for X = Br, I, and NCS based on ESR and heat capacity.