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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Professor Tom Lancaster

Williams, R. C., Xiao, F., Lancaster, T., De Renzi, R., Allodi, G., Bordignon, S., Freeman, P. G., Pratt, F. L., Giblin, S. R., Möller, J. S., Blundell, S. J., Boothroyd, A. T. & Prabhakaran, D. (2016). Magnetic phase diagram of La2-xSrxCoO 4 revised using muon-spin relaxation. Physical Review B 93(14): 140406(R).

Author(s) from Durham


We report the results of a muon-spin relaxation (μSR) investigation of La2−xSrxCoO4, an antiferromagnetic insulating series which has been shown to support charge ordered and magnetic stripe phases and an hourglass magnetic excitation spectrum. We present a revised magnetic phase diagram, which shows that the suppression of the magnetic ordering temperature is highly sensitive to small concentrations of holes. Distinct behavior within an intermediate x range (0.2≤x≲0.6) suggests that the putative stripe ordered phase extends to lower x than previously thought. Further charge doping (0.67≤x≤0.9) prevents magnetic ordering for T≳1.5K.