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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Bharmal, Nazim A., Basden, Alastair G., Bourgenot, Cyril J., Black, Martin, Dubbeldam, Cornelis M., Henry, David M., Hölck-Santibanez, Daniel, Morris, Timothy J., Robertson, David J., Schmoll, Jürgen, Talbot, Robert G., Younger, Eddy J. & Myers, Richard M. (2016), CHOUGH: implementation and performance of a high-order 4m AO demonstrator, in Marchetti, Enrico, Close, Laird M. & Véran, Jean-Pierre eds, 9909: Adaptive Optics Systems V. Edinburgh, SPIE, 990948-990948-7.

Author(s) from Durham


CHOUGH is a small, fast project to provide an experimental on-sky high-order SCAO capability to the 4.2m WHT telescope. The basic goal has r0-sized sub- apertures with the aim of achieving high-Strehl ratios (> 0:5) in the visible (> 650 nm). It achieves this by including itself into the CANARY experiment: CHOUGH is mounted as a breadboard and intercepts the beam within CANARY via a periscope. In doing so, it takes advantage of the mature CANARY infrastructure, but add new AO capabilities. The key instruments that CHOUGH brings to CANARY are: an atmospheric dispersion compensator; a 32 × 32 (1000 actuator) MEMS deformable mirror; 31 × 31 wavefront sensor; and a complementary (narrow-field) imager. CANARY provides a 241-actuator DM, tip/tilt mirror, and comprehensive off-sky alignment facility together with a RTC. In this work, we describe the CHOUGH sub-systems: backbone, ADC, MEMS-DM, HOWFS, CAWS, and NFSI.