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Auhl, Dietmar, Chambon, Pierre, McLeish, Tom C.B. & Read, Daniel J. (2009). Elongational Flow of Blends of Long and Short Polymers: Effective Stretch Relaxation Time. Physical review letters 103(13): 136001

Author(s) from Durham


We study the onset of chain stretch and emergent extension hardening in the nonlinear rheological response of molten binary blends of long and short polymers. We predict that, upon dilution with short chains, the effective stretch relaxation time of the long chains initially increases in proportion to ϕL-α (where ϕL is the volume fraction of long chains and α is the dilution exponent for entanglements). We confirm this behavior experimentally, in a set of experiments that measure both the dilution exponent from linear rheology and the effective stretch relaxation time under extensional flow.