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Clarke, N., De Luca, E., Buxton, G., Hutchings, L.R., Gough, T., Grillo, I., Graham, R.S., Jagannathan, K., Klein, D.H. & McLeish, T.C.B. (2010). Chain Deformation in Entangled Polymer Melts at Re-entrant Corners. Macromolecules 43(3): 1539-1542.

Author(s) from Durham


Using SANS to map the deformation of individual polymer chains in the vicinity of re-entrant corners in a contraction−expansion flow, we show that stress singularities at such corners, predicted by formulations of fluid dynamics that lack a molecular basis, do not cause extreme deformation of the chains. Multiscale modeling based on a nonlinear tube theory incorporating appropriate relaxation processes quantitatively reproduces the observed scattering, thus providing further evidence for the universality of the tube model for polymer flow.