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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Professor Ian Smail

Hopwood, R. and Wardlow, J. and Cooray, A. and Khostovan, A.A. and Kim, S. and Negrello, M. and da Cunha, E. and Burgarella, D. and Aretxaga, I. and Auld, R. and Baes, M. and Barton, E. and Bertoldi, F. and Bonfield, D.G. and Blundell, R. and Buttiglione, S. and Cava, A. and Clements, D.L. and Cooke, J. and Dannerbauer, H. and Dariush, A. and de Zotti, G. and Dunlop, J. and Dunne, L. and Dye, S. and Eales, S. and Fritz, J. and Frayer, D. and Gurwell, M.A. and Hughes, D.H. and Ibar, E. and Ivison, R.J. and Jarvis, M.J. and Lagache, G. and Leeuw, L. and Maddox, S. and Micha\lowski, M.J. and Omont, A. and Pascale, E. and Pohlen, M. and Rigby, E. and Rodighiero, G. and Scott, D. and Serjeant, S. and Smail, I. and Smith, D.J.B. and Temi, P. and Thompson, M.A. and Valtchanov, I. and van der Werf, P. and Verma, A. and Vieira, J.D. (2011). Spitzer Imaging of Herschel-atlas Gravitationally Lensed Submillimeter Sources. \apjl 728: L4.

Author(s) from Durham