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Mertens, Laura A., Labiad, Hamza, Denis-Alpizar, Otoniel, Fournier, Martin, Carty, David, Le Picard, Sébastien D., Stoecklin, Thierry & Sims, Ian R. (2017). Rotational energy transfer in collisions between CO and Ar at temperatures from 293 to 30 K. Chemical Physics Letters 683: 521-528.

Author(s) from Durham


Experimental measurements and theoretical calculations are reported for rotational energy transfer in the Ar-CO system. Experiments were performed in cold uniform supersonic flows of Ar, using an infrared – vacuum ultraviolet double resonance technique to measure absolute state-to-state rate constants and total relaxation cross sections for rotational energy transfer within the (v = 2) vibrational state of CO in collision with Ar at temperatures from 30.5 to 293 K. Close-coupling calculations were also performed using a recent potential energy surface (Sumiyoshi and Endo, 2015). Very good agreement is obtained between measured and calculated values.