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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Valentin [Valya] Khoze

Khoze, Valentin V. & Ro, Gunnar (2014). Dark matter monopoles, vectors and photons. Journal of High Energy Physics 2014(10): 61.

Author(s) from Durham


In a secluded dark sector which is coupled to the Standard Model via a Higgs portal interaction we arrange for the existence of ’t Hooft-Polyakov magnetic monopoles and study their implications for cosmology. We point out that a dark sector which can accommodate stable monopoles will also contain massless dark photons γ ′ as well as charged massive vector bosons W ± ′. The dark matter in this scenario will be a combination of magnetically and electrically charged species under the unbroken U(1) subgroup of the dark sector. We estimate the cosmological production rate of monopoles and the rate of monopole-anti-monopole annihilation and conclude that monopoles with masses of few hundred TeV or greater, can produce sizeable contributions to the observed dark matter relic density. We scan over the parameter space and compute the relic density for monopoles and vector bosons. Turning to dark photons, we compute their contribution to the measured density of relativistic particles N eff and also apply observational constraints from the Bullet cluster and other large scale galaxies on long-range interactions of monopoles and of dark vector bosons. At scales relevant for dwarf galaxies we identify regions on the parameter space where self-interacting monopole and vector dark mater components can aid solving the core-vs-cusp and the too-big-to-fail problems.