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Publication details for Valentin [Valya] Khoze

Georgiou, G. & Khoze, V. V. (2004). Tree amplitudes in gauge theory as scalar MHV diagrams. Journal of High Energy Physics 2004(05): 070.

Author(s) from Durham


It was proposed in hep-th/0403047 that all tree amplitudes in pure Yang-Mills theory can be constructed from known MHV amplitudes. We apply this approach for calculating tree amplitudes of gauge fields and fermions and find agreement with known results.The formalism amounts to an effective scalar perturbation theory which offers a much simpler alternative to the usual Feynman diagrams in gauge theory and can be used for deriving new simple expressions for tree amplitudes. At tree level the formalism works in a generic gauge theory, with or without supersymmetry, and for a finite number of colours.



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