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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Parkinson, N.G., Hatton, P.D., Howard, J.A.K., Giblin, S.R., Terry, I., Ritter, C., Mok, B.H. & Wu, M.K. (2005). Study of the magnetic interactions in Ba2PrRu1-xCuxO6 using neutron powder diffraction. Journal of materials chemistry 15(13): 1375-1383.

Author(s) from Durham


High-resolution neutron powder diffraction has been used to determine the crystal and magnetic structures of Ba2PrRuO6 and Ba2PrRu0.90Cu0.10O6. Both materials are 2116 distorted double perovskites and the magnetic structure, which develops below [similar]110 K, consists of two interpenetrating Type I antiferromagnetic sublattices of the Ru5+ and Pr3+ ions. When saturated, the moments are [similar]1.9 μB for Ru5+ and [similar]1.1 μB for Pr3+ in the c-direction, though copper doping introduces an extra ab-component of [similar]0.65 μB. From the study of variable temperature neutron diffraction data the principal magnetic interactions in the materials have been determined. Although an overall antiferromagnetic structure is adopted, the Ru–O–Pr ferromagnetic interaction is a factor of [similar]4 times stronger than the Ru–O–O–Ru antiferromagnetic interaction.