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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Dr Douglas Halliday

D.P. Halliday, M.D.G. Potter, D.S. Boyle & K. Durose (2002). Photoluminescence characrerisation of ion implanted CdTe. In Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaic Materials: 2001 MRS Spring Meeting - Symposium H – II-IV. R. Birkmire, Noufi, R., Lincot, D. & Schock, H.W. Cambridge University Press. 668: H1.8.1 - H1.8.6.

Author(s) from Durham


We have ion implanted a series of dopants into single crystal CdTe. The influence of the impurities on the CdTe has been studied by low temperature photoluminescence spectroscopy. The impurities studied are: O, Cl, Cu, S, Na and Sb, and were selected because of their potential importance in thin film CdTe/CdS photovoltaic devices. Each impurity was implanted to give a smooth gaussian distribution in the first few microns of material with a doping density of 1´1015cm-3. Low temperature photoluminescence spectra were recorded from each sample and compared with an undoped sample. The PL features observed in each sample are discussed and the data is compared to an earlier photoluminescence study of thin film CdTe/CdS photovoltaic device structures.