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Wijesinghe, D.B. and da Cunha, E. and Hopkins, A.M. and Dunne, L. and Sharp, R. and Gunawardhana, M. and Brough, S. and Sadler, E.M. and Driver, S. and Baldry, I. and Bamford, S. and Liske, J. and Loveday, J. and Norberg, P. and Peacock, J. and Popescu, C.C. and Tuffs, R. and Andrae, E. and Auld, R. and Baes, M. and Bland-Hawthorn, J. and Buttiglione, S. and Cava, A. and Cameron, E. and Conselice, C.J. and Cooray, A. and Croom, S. and Dariush, A. and Dezotti, G. and Dye, S. and Eales, S. and Frenk, C. and Fritz, J. and Hill, D. and Hopwood, R. and Ibar, E. and Ivison, R. and Jarvis, M. and Jones, D.H. and van Kampen, E. and Kelvin, L. and Kuijken, K. and Maddox, S.J. and Madore, B. and Micha\lowski, M.J. and Nichol, B. and Parkinson, H. and Pascale, E. and Pimbblet, K.A. and Pohlen, M. and Prescott, M. and Rhodighiero, G. and Robotham, A.S.G. and Rigby, E.E. and Seibert, M. and Sergeant, S. and Smith, D.J.B. and Temi, P. and Sutherland, W. and Taylor, E. and Thomas, D. and van der Werf, P. (2011). GAMA/H-ATLAS: the ultraviolet spectral slope and obscuration in galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 415: 1002-1012.

Author(s) from Durham