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Hayashi, E, Navarro, JF, Power, C, Jenkins, A, Frenk, CS, White, SDM, Springel, V, Stadel, J & Quinn, TR (2004). The inner structure of Lambda CDM haloes - II. Halo mass profiles and low surface brightness galaxy rotation curves. Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 355(3): 794-812.
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0035-8711
  • Keywords: galaxies : formation; galaxies : kinematics and dynamics; galaxies : spiral cosmology :; theory; dark matterDARK-MATTER HALOS; DENSITY PROFILES; ANGULAR-MOMENTUM; GALACTIC HALOES; RESOLUTION; CLUSTERS; UNIVERSE; SIMULATIONS; EVOLUTION; MODELS

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