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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Kaliteevski, M., Iorsh, I., Brand, S., Abram, R.A., Chamberlain, J.M., Kavokin, A.V. & Shelykh, I.A. (2007). Tamm plasmon-polaritons: Possible electromagnetic states at the interface of a metal and a dielectric Bragg mirror. Physical Review B 76(16): 165415.

Author(s) from Durham


Conventional surface plasmons have a wave vector exceeding that of light in vacuum, and therefore cannot be directly excited by light that is simply incident on the surface. However, we propose that a plasmon-polariton state can be formed at the boundary between a metal and a dielectric Bragg mirror that can have a zero in-plane wave vector and therefore can be produced by direct optical excitation. In analogy with the electronic states at a crystal surface proposed by Tamm, we call these excitations Tamm plasmons, and predict that they may exist in both the TE and TM polarizations and are characterized by parabolic dispersion relations.