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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Brand, S, Kaliteevski, M A & Abram, R A (2006). THz frequency studies of metallic structures. Proceedings of SPIE 6328: 63280-63280.

Author(s) from Durham


A plane-wave complex photonic bandstructure approach is used to calculate the pass bands as a function of rod diameter for a system consisting of circular metallic rods in a 2-D square lattice. In addition, FDTD calculations are employed to calculate the transmission properties of a finite 6-layer structure of the same form. The results of the two methods are compared and found to be consistent. The effective plasma frequency, the lowest frequency at which propagation can occur in the infinite lattice, is extracted from the bandstructure calculations, and is in the region of 1 THz for the 200 μm period structures considered. The results for the effective plasma frequency are compared to those predicted by several analytic models.