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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Prof Richard Abram

Brand, S, Abram, RA & Kaliteevski, MA (2010). Evanescently coupled interface states in the gap between two Bragg reflectors. Optics Letters 35(12): 2085-2087.

Author(s) from Durham


Interface states are known to exist at the surface of an appropriately structured Bragg reflector. If such reflectors are
present on the surfaces of two prisms separated by a narrow gap, the evanescently coupled interface states can
interact to produce a pair of very narrow transmission lines, the separation of which can be adjusted by varying
the size of the gap between the two prisms. Thus, although only a single cavity is involved, the spectral properties
of the system are similar to those of a dual-cavity photonic microstructure. In addition to other potential applications,
we propose that such a structure could form the basis of an adjustable beat-frequency emitter in the terahertz