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Kaliteevski, M A, Brand, S, Abram, R A, Nikolaev, V V, Maximov, M V, Sotomayor Torres, C M & Kavokin, A V (2001). Electromagnetic theory of the coupling of zero-dimensional exciton and photon states: A quantum dot in a spherical microcavity. Physical Review B 64(11): 115305.

Author(s) from Durham


Exciton-light coupling in spherical microcavities containing quantum dots has been treated by means of classical electrodynamics within the nonlocal dielectric response model. Typical anticrossing behavior of zero-dimensional exciton-polariton modes has been obtained, as well as the weak-coupling-strong-coupling threshold. The influence of the cavity Q factor on the optical response of the structure has been analyzed.


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