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Herbert, D C, Uren, M J, Hughes, B T, Hayes, D G, Birbeck, J C H, Balmer, R, Martin, T, Crow, G C, Abram, R A, Walmsley, M, Davies, R A, Wallis, R H, Phillips, W A & Jones, S (2002). Monte Carlo simulations of AlGaN/GaN heterojunction field-effect transistors (HFETs). Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 14(13): 3479-3497.

Author(s) from Durham


Self-consistent Monte Carlo simulations are reported for AlGaN/GaN HFETs. Hot-carrier scattering rates are determined by fitting experimental ionization coefficients and the doping character of the GaN is obtained from substrate bias measurements. Preliminary simulations for a simple model of the AlGaN surface are described and results are found to be consistent with experimental data. The high-frequency response of short-gate-length transistors is found to be sensitive to the charge state of the free AlGaN surface and it is proposed that current-slump phenomena may also be related to deep levels at this surface. Breakdown calculations show interesting two-dimensional effects close to the drain contact.



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