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Department of Physics

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Pritchard, J.D., Maxwell, D., Gauguet, A., Weatherill, K.J., Jones, M.P.A. & Adams, C.S. (2010). Cooperative Atom-Light Interaction in a Blockaded Rydberg Ensemble. Physical Review Letters 105(19): 193603.

Author(s) from Durham


By coupling a probe transition to a Rydberg state using electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) we map the strong dipole-dipole interactions onto an optical field. We characterize the resulting cooperative optical nonlinearity as a function of probe strength and density. We demonstrate good quantitative agreement between the experiment and an N-atom cooperative model for N=3 atoms per blockade sphere and the n=60 Rydberg state. The measured linewidth of the EIT resonance places an upper limit on the dephasing rate of the blockade spheres of <110  kHz.