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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Gregory, Ruth, Gustainis, Peter, Kubizňák, David, Mann, Robert & Wills, Danielle (2014). Vortex Hair on ADS Black Holes. Journal of High Energy Physics 2014(11): 10.

Author(s) from Durham


We analyse vortex hair for charged rotating asymptotically AdS black holes in the abelian Higgs model. We give analytical and numerical arguments to show how the vortex interacts with the horizon of the black hole, and how the solution extends to the boundary. The solution is very close to the corresponding asymptotically flat vortex, once one transforms to a frame that is non-rotating at the boundary. We show that there is a Meissner effect for extremal black holes, with the vortex flux being expelled from sufficiently small black holes. The phase transition is shown to be first order in the presence of rotation, but second order without rotation. We comment on applications to holography.