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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Ruth Gregory

Barclay, Luke, Gregory, Ruth, Parameswaran, Susha, Tasinato, Gianmassimo & Zavala, Ivonne (2012). Lifshitz black holes in IIA supergravity. Journal of High Energy Physics 2012(5): 122.

Author(s) from Durham


We compute string theoretic black hole solutions having Lifshitz asymptotics with a general dynamical exponent z > 1. We start by constructing solutions in a flux compactification of six dimensional supergravity, then uplift them to massive type IIA supergravity. Alongside the Lifshitz black holes we study the simpler anti-de Sitter solutions, of which there are a 1-parameter family in this supergravity, and compare and contrast their properties. The black holes are characterized by a two-form and scalar charge, and we numerically explore their configuration space and thermodynamical aspects.