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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Gregory, R. & Kaviani, D. (2012). Spinflation with Angular Potentials. Journal of High Energy Physics 2012(1): 37.

Author(s) from Durham


We investigate in detail the cosmological consequences of realistic angular dependent potentials in the brane inflation scenario. Embedding a warped throat into a compact Calabi-Yau space with all moduli stabilized breaks the no-scale structure and induces angular dependence in the potential of the probe D3-brane. We solve the equations of motion from the DBI action in the warped deformed conifold including linearized perturbations around the imaginary self-dual solution. Our numerical solutions show that angular dependence is a next to leading order correction to the dominant radial motion of the brane, however, just as angular motion typically increases the amount of inflation (spin-flation), having additional angular dependence also increases the amount of inflation. We also derive an analytic approximation for the number of e-foldings along the DBI trajectory in terms of the compactification parameters.