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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Cuspinera, Leopoldo, Gregory, Ruth, Marshall, Katie M. & Moss, Ian G. (2020). Higgs vacuum decay in a braneworld. International Journal of Modern Physics D 29(1): 2050005.

Author(s) from Durham


We examine the effect of large extra dimensions on vacuum decay in the Randall–
Sundrum (RS) braneworld paradigm. We assume the scalar field is confined to the brane,
and compute the probability for forming an “anti-de Sitter” (AdS) bubble inside a critical flat RS brane. We present the first full numerical solutions for the brane instanton
considering two test potentials for the scalar field. We explore the geometrical impact
of thin and thick bubble walls, and compute the instanton action in a range of cases.
We conclude by commenting on a more physically realistic potential relevant for the
Standard Model Higgs. For bubbles with large backreaction, the extra dimension has
a dramatic effect on the tunnelling rate, however, for the weakly backreacting bubbles
more relevant for realistic Standard Model potentials, the extra dimension has little