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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Ballett, P., King, S.F., Luhn, C., Pascoli, S. & Schmidt, M.A. (2014). Precision measurements of θ12 for testing models of discrete leptonic flavour symmetries. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 598: 012014.

Author(s) from Durham


Models of leptonic flavour with discrete symmetries can provide an attractive explanation of the pattern of elements found in the leptonic mixing matrix. The next generation of neutrino oscillation experiments will allow the mixing parameters to be tested to a new level of precision, crucially measuring the CP violating phase δ for the first time. In this contribution, we present results of a systematic survey of the predictions of a class of models based on residual discrete symmetries and the prospects for excluding such models at medium- and long-term oscillation experiments. We place particular emphasis on the complementary role that a future circa 50 km reactor experiment, e.g. JUNO, can play in constraining these models.