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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Ballett, Peter, Hostert, Matheus & Pascoli, Silvia (2020). Dark neutrinos and a three-portal connection to the standard model. Physical Review D 101(11): 115025.

Author(s) from Durham


We introduce a dark neutrino sector which respects a hidden Uð1Þ0 gauge symmetry, subsequently
broken by the vacuum expectation value of a dark scalar. The model is a self-consistent realization of an
extended hidden sector that communicates with the standard model only via the three renormalizable
portals, namely, neutrino, vector and scalar mixing. The interplay between portal couplings leads to several
novel signatures in heavy neutrino, dark photon, and dark scalar searches, typically characterized by
multileptons plus missing energy and displaced vertices. A striking signature arises in kaon factories such
as NA62, where Kþ → lþ
α νlþ
β l−
β decays could reveal a heavy neutrino and a light dark photon resonance
above backgrounds. Given the open parameter space, we also comment on recent ideas to explain
outstanding experimental anomalies, and how they would fit into our proposed model. A minimal
extension of the model, possibly motivated by anomaly cancellation, can accommodate a dark matter
candidate strongly connected to the neutrino sector.