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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Associate Professor Fernando Dias

Hintschich, SI, Dias, FB & Monkman, AP (2006). Dynamics of conformational relaxation in photoexcited oligofluorenes and polyfluorene. Physical Review B 74(4).

Author(s) from Durham


In order to disentangle the relaxation effects of exciton migration and conformational rearrangement, a
comparative study of a polyfluorene derivative and short oligofluorenes is carried out. We probe their long-time
time-dependent relaxation in dilute solution using picosecond single photon counting and streak camera techniques.
Conformational relaxation is found in oligo- and polyfluorenes. Oligofluorene relaxation is purely
conformational: time scales vary between 10 and 300 ps becoming faster with decreasing chain length and
solvent viscosity or increasing temperature. While a rigid ladder-type polymer in solution does not show any
picosecond relaxation, polyfluorene in solution exhibits fluorescence dynamics indicating both, conformational
relaxation and exciton migration.