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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Cholewiak, SA, Love, GD & Banks, MS (2018). Creating Correct Blur and its Effect on Accommodation. Journal of Vision 18(9): 1-29.

Author(s) from Durham


Blur occurs naturally when the eye is focused at one
distance and an object is presented at another distance.
Computer-graphics engineers and vision scientists often
wish to create display images that reproduce such depthdependent
blur, but their methods are incorrect for that
purpose. They take into account the scene geometry,
pupil size, and focal distances, but do not properly take
into account the optical aberrations of the human eye.
We developed a method that, by incorporating the
viewer’s optics, yields displayed images that produce
retinal images close to the ones that occur in natural
viewing. We concentrated on the effects of defocus,
chromatic aberration, astigmatism, and spherical
aberration and evaluated their effectiveness by
conducting experiments in which we attempted to drive
the eye’s focusing response (accommodation) through
the rendering of these aberrations. We found that
accommodation is not driven at all by conventional
rendering methods, but that it is driven surprisingly
quickly and accurately by our method with defocus and
chromatic aberration incorporated. We found some
effect of astigmatism but none of spherical aberration.
We discuss how the rendering approach can be used in
vision science experiments and in the development of
ophthalmic/optometric devices and augmented- and
virtual-reality displays.