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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Prof Sir Arnold Wolfendale

Wibig, T & Wolfendale, AW (2004). Ultra-high energy cosmic rays from transient extragalactic sources. Journal Of Physics G-nuclear And Particle Physics 30(4): 525-542.
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0954-3899

Author(s) from Durham


Attention is devoted to the origin of those ultra-high energy cosmic
rays from those extragalactic sources which have ceased to be visible
in the radio, optical and gamma ray regions in the time taken by the
particles in diffusing to the earth. Predictions are made of the energy
spectra at earth as a function of the various parameters involved:
particle charge, temporal and spatial characteristics of the sources,
etc. The predictions should be useful when more precise experimental
data are available.
Application to the presently available data shows that a 'single
source' in, say, the VIRGO galaxy cluster, currently 'off', could have
provided the particles seen. The apparent clusters of arrival
directions are hard to understand in terms of heavy nuclei (such nuclei
being preferred for reasons of easier acceleration), unless we have
overestimated the strength of the magnetic field in the relevant
regions of the intergalactic medium.