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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Professor Stewart Clark

Pozina, G., Kaliteevski, M. A., Nikitina, E. V., Denisov, D. V., Polyakov, N. K., Pirogov, E. V., Goray, L. I., Gubaydullin, A. R., Ivanov, K. A., Kaliteevskaya, N. A., Egorov, A. Yu. & Clark, S. J. (2015). Super-radiant mode in InAs-monolayer-based Bragg structures. Scientific Reports 5: 14911.

Author(s) from Durham


We report direct experimental evidence of the collective super-radiant mode in Bragg structure containing 60 InAs monolayer-based quantum wells (QWs) periodically arranged in GaAs matrix. Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements reveal an appearance of the additional super-radiant mode, originated from coherent collective interaction of QWs. This mode demonstrates a super-linear dependence of the intensity and radiative decay rate on the excitation power. The super-radiant mode is not manifested in the case if only a small number of QWs is excited.