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Kemp, S.L., Butler, K.L., Freytag, R., Hopkins, S.A., Hinds, E.A., Tarbutt, M.R. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Production and characterisation of a dual species magneto-optical trap of cesium and ytterbium. Review of Scientific Instruments 87(2): 023105.

Author(s) from Durham


We describe an apparatus designed to trap and cool a Yb and Cs mixture. The apparatus consists of a dual species effusive oven source, dual species Zeeman slower, magneto-optical traps in a single ultra-high vacuum science chamber, and the associated laser systems. The dual species Zeeman slower is used to load sequentially the two species into their respective traps. Its design is flexible and may be adapted for other experiments with different mixtures of atomic species. The apparatus provides excellent optical access and can apply large magnetic bias fields to the trapped atoms. The apparatus regularly produces 108 Cs atoms at 13.3 μK in an optical molasses, and 109174Y b atoms cooled to 22 μK in a narrowband magneto-optical trap.