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Pattinson, R. W., Billam, T. P., Gardiner, S. A., McCarron, D. J., Cho, H. W., Cornish, S. L., Parker, N. G. & Proukakis, N. P. (2013). Equilibrium solutions for immiscible two-species Bose-Einstein condensates in perturbed harmonic traps. Physical Review A 87(1): 013625.

Author(s) from Durham


We investigate the mean-field equilibrium solutions for a two-species immiscible Bose-Einstein condensate confined by a harmonic confinement with additional linear perturbations. We observe a range of equilibrium density structures, including ball and shell formations and axially or radially separated states, with a marked sensitivity to the potential perturbations and the relative atom number in each species. Incorporation of linear trap perturbations, albeit weak, are found to be essential to match the range of equilibrium density profiles observed in a recent 87Rb-133Cs Bose-Einstein condensate experiment [McCarron et al., Phys. Rev. A 84 011603(R) (2011)]. Our analysis of this experiment demonstrates that sensitivity to linear trap perturbations is likely to be an important factor in interpreting the results of similar experiments in the future.