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Molony, P.K., Gregory, P.D., Kumar, A., Le Sueur, C.R., Hutson, J.M. & Cornish, S.L. (2016). Production of ultracold 87Rb133Cs in the absolute ground state: complete characterisation of the STIRAP transfer. ChemPhysChem 17(22): 3811-3817.

Author(s) from Durham


We present the production of ultracold 87 RbCs molecules in the electronic, rovibrational and hyperfine ground state, using stimulated Raman adiabatic passage to transfer the molecules from a weakly bound Feshbach state. We measure one-way transfer efficiencies of 92(1)% and fully characterise the strengths and linewidths of the transitions used. We model the transfer, including a Monte Carlo simulation of the laser noise, and find this matches well with both the transfer efficiency and our previous measurements of the laser linewidth and frequency drifts.