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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Image: Truncated disc versus extremely broad iron line in XTE J1650-500.Done, C. & Gierliński, M. (2006). Truncated disc versus extremely broad iron line in XTE J1650-500. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 367(2): 659-668.

Author(s) from Durham


There is growing evidence from both spectral and timing properties that there is a truncated inner accretion disc in low mass accretion rate Galactic black hole systems. The detection of extremely smeared relativistic iron lines in some of these systems is the only current piece of evidence which conflicts with this geometrical interpretation of the low/hard state. Here, we show that the line width in the BeppoSAX data of a bright low/hard state of the transient black hole XTE J1650−500 is indeed consistent with extreme relativistic effects. However, the relativistic smearing can be significantly reduced if there is also resonance iron K line absorption from an outflowing disc wind. The iron line smearing is then completely compatible with a truncated disc, so it gives no information on the black hole spin.


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