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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Novichkov, P.P., Penedo, J.T., Petcov, S.T. & Titov, A.V. (2019). Generalised CP symmetry in modular-invariant models of flavour. Journal of High Energy Physics 2019(7): 65.

Author(s) from Durham


The formalism of combined finite modular and generalised CP (gCP) sym-metries for theories of flavour is developed. The corresponding consistency conditions for the two symmetry transformations acting on the modulus τ and on the matter fields are derived. The implications of gCP symmetry in theories of flavour based on modular invariance described by finite modular groups are illustrated with the example of a modular S4 model of lepton flavour. Due to the addition of the gCP symmetry, viable modular models turn out to be more constrained, with the modulus τ being the only source of CP violation.