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Drechsel, P., Gröber, R., Heinemeyer, S., Mühlleitner, M., Rzehak, H. & Weiglein, G. (2017). Higgs-boson masses and mixing matrices in the NMSSM: analysis of on-shell calculations. The European Physical Journal C 77(6): 366.

Author(s) from Durham


We analyze the Higgs-boson masses and mixing
matrices in the NMSSM based on an on-shell (OS) renormalization
of the gauge-boson and Higgs-boson masses and
the parameters of the top/scalar top sector. We compare the
implementation of the OS calculations in the codes NMSSMCALC
and NMSSM-FeynHiggs up to O(αtαs). We identify
the sources of discrepancies at the one- and at the twoloop
level. Finally we compare the OS and DR evaluation
as implemented in NMSSMCALC. The results are important
ingredients for an estimate of the theoretical precision of
Higgs-boson mass calculations in the NMSSM.