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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Wilson, J. T., Lawrence, D. J., Peplowski, P. N., Cahill, J. T. S., Eke, V. R., Massey, R. J. & Teodoro, L. F. A. (2018). Image Reconstruction Techniques in Neutron and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy: Improving Lunar Prospector Data. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 123(7): 1804-1822.

Author(s) from Durham


We present improved resolution maps of the Lunar Prospector Neutron Spectrometer thermal, epithermal, and fast neutron data and gamma ray spectrometer Th‐line fluxes via global application of pixon image reconstruction techniques. With the use of mock data sets, we show that the pixon image reconstruction method compares favorably with other methods that have been used in planetary neutron and gamma ray spectroscopy. The improved thermal neutron maps are able to clearly distinguish variations in composition across the lunar surface, including within the lunar basins of Hertzsprung and Schrödinger. The improvement in resolution reveals a correlation between albedo and thermal neutron flux within the basins. The consequent increase in dynamic range confirms that Hertzsprung basin contains one of the most anorthositic parts of the lunar crust, including nearly pure anorthite over a region tens of kilometers in diameter. At Orientale, the reconstructed epithermal neutron data show broad overlap with circular polarization ratio but there remains a mismatch between measures of regolith maturity that sample the surface and those that probe the near subsurface, which is consistent with a complex layering scenario.