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Department of Physics

Staff profile

Mr Leon Bowen, BSc (Hons), MBA

Experimental Officer in the Department of Physics

(email at

Selected publications

1)            Bernard S., Mathia, E.J., Wirth R.,  Schreiber A., Bowen L., Aplin A.C.,  Schulz H-M., Horsfield B. FIB-SEM and TEM investigations of an organic-rich shale maturation series (Lower Toarcian Posidonia Shale): Nanoscale pore system and fluid-rock interactions” (Accepted) AAPG Bulletin

2)            R.E. Holdsworth, E.W.E. van Diggelen, C.J. Spiers , H. de Bresser, R.J. Walker & L. Bowen “Fault rock from the SAFOD core samples: Implications for weakening at shallow depths along the San Andreas Fault, California” Journal of Structural Geology 33 (2011) 132

3)            JD Major, L Bowen, K Durose, “Focused Ion Beam and Field emission gun- scanning electron microscopy for the investigation of voiding and interface phenomena in thin film solar cells” Prog Photovolt: Res Appl 10.1002 (2011)  1164

4)            B. L. Williams, B. Mendis, L. Bowen, D. P. Halliday and K. Durose (2011). “Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Cadmium Telluride Nanowires by Close-Space-Sublimation for Photovoltaic Applications” MRS Proceedings, 1350, mrss11-1350-ee06-25 doi:10.1557/opl.2011.872

5)            Binh T.T. Nguyen, Stuart J. Jones, Neil R. Goulty, Alexander J. Middleton, Neil Grant , Alison Ferguson, Leon Bowen “The role of fluid pressure and diagenetic cements in porosity preservation in Triassic fluvial reservoirs of the Central Graben, North Sea(Accepted) AAPG Bulletin

6)            Nor F. Za'bah, Kelvin S. K. Kwa, Leon Bowen, Budhika Mendis, and Anthony O'Neill. “A method for fabricating single crystal silicon nanowires is presented using top-down optical lithography”. [J. Appl. Phys. 112, 024309 (2012)]     

8)            GE Cirlin, VG Dubrovskii, YB Samsonenko, AD. Bouravleuv, K Durose, YY. Proskuryakov, BG Mendis, L. Bowen, MA Kaliteevski, RA. Abram, DA. Zeze, "Self-catalyzed, pure zincblende GaAs nanowires grown on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy", Phys Rev B82 (2010) 035302

9)            Jonathan D. Major, Leon Bowen, Robert E. Treharne and Ken Durose (2012). “Assessment of Photovoltaic Junction Position in CdTe Solar Cells Using a Combined FIB-EBIC Technique”. MRS Proceedings, 1432 , mrss12-1432-g11-06 doi:10.1557/opl.2012.1031

10)        R. E. Treharne, B. L. Williams, L. Bowen, B. G. Mendis, K. Durose (2012) “Investigation of Post-Deposition and In Situ Cl Treatments for Fully-Sputtered CdTe/CdS Thin - Film Solar Cells” (conference paper IEEE PVSC)

11)        BG Mendis, L Bowen, QZ Jiang, "A contactless method for measuring the recombination velocity of an individual grain boundary in thin-film photovoltaics", Appl Phys Lett 97 (2010) 092112

12)        Claire J Horwell, Ben J Williamson, Ken Donaldson, Jennifer S Le Blond , David E Damby, Leon Bowen (2012) “Inherent characteristics and external factors influencing the respiratory toxicity of volcanic crystalline silica; relevance for the variable silica hazard(Accepted)

13)        Mendis, BG, Bowen, L. “Cathodoluminescence measurement of grain boundary recombination velocity in vapour grown p-CdTe”. 17th International Conference Microscopy of semiconducting Materials [Journal of Physics Conference Series, 326, 012017 (2011)]

Acknowledge work

1)           N De Paola, T Hirose, T Mitchell, D Di Toro, C Viti, T Shimamoto, "Fault lubrication and earthquake propagation in thermally unstable rocks", Geology 39 (2011) 35

2)           Linzi E. Dodd, Andrew J. Gallant and David Wood (2012). “Ti-TiOx-Pt Metal-Oxide-Metal Diodes Fabricated via a Simple Oxidation Technique”. MRS Proceedings, 1415 , mrsf11-1415-tt04-06 doi:10.1557/opl.2012.72

3)           Wellings, J.S., Samantilleke, A.P., Heavens, S.N., Warren, P., Dharmadasa, I.M. “Electrodeposition of CuInSe2 from ethylene glycol at 150°C” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Vol 93, 9 (2009) 1518-1523

4)           J S Wellings, A P Samantilleke, PWarren, S N Heavens and I M Dharmadasa “Comparison of electrodeposited and sputtered intrinsic and aluminium-doped zinc oxide thin films” Semicond. Sci. Technol. 23 (2008) 125003 (7pp)

5)           J.S. Wellings, N.B. Chaure a, S.N. Heavens b, I.M. Dharmadasa.  “Growth and characterisation of electrodeposited ZnO thin films Thin Solid Films” 516 (2007) 3893–3898

6)           A.B.M.O. Islam, N.B. Chaure, J. Wellings, G. Tolan, I.M. Dharmadasa. “Development of electrodeposited ZnTe layers as window materials in ZnTe/CdTe/CdHgTe multi-layer solar cells” Materials Chararterisation 60 (2 0 0 8) 1 6 0 – 1 6 3

7)           A.P. Samantilleke, M.F.Cerqueira, B.Mari. “Segregation of Te at the back contact in electrochemically deposited CdTe thin film solar cells” Journal of Crystal Growth 320 (2011) 13–17

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Centre for Materials Physics

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