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Department of Physics

Staff profile

Prof Carlton Baugh, BA Physics, DPhil.

Professor in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43542
Room number: OC311

(email at


Responsibilities within department

xgal space man joint astrophysics seminar organiser

Teaching activity

Demonstrator on Level 3 computing course.

Research interests

Galaxy formation and evolution, large scale structure of the Universe.

Research Groups


Conference papers

  • Lacey}, C.~G. and {Baugh}, C.~M. and {Frenk}, C.~S. and {Silva}, L. and {Granato}, G.~L. and {Bressan}, A. (2007), Galaxy evolution in the infra-red: comparison of a hierarchical galaxy formation model with SPITZER data, 704.
  • Baugh}, C.~M. (2006), A primer on hierarchical galaxy formation: the semi-analytical approach, 69: 3101-3156.
  • Bower}, R.~G. and {Benson}, A.~J. and {Malbon}, R. and {Helly}, J.~C. and {Frenk}, C.~S. and {Baugh}, C.~M. and {Cole}, S. and {Lacey}, C.~G. (2006), Breaking the hierarchy of galaxy formation, 370: 645-655.
  • Baugh}, C.~M. (2006), Cosmic cookery: growing galaxies in a computer, 47: 10-2.
  • Sanchez}, A.~G. and {Baugh}, C.~M. (2006), Cosmological Parameters 2006.
  • Eke}, V.~R. and {Baugh}, C.~M. and {Cole}, S. and {Frenk}, C.~S. and {Navarro}, J.~F. (2006), Galaxy groups in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: the number density of groups, 370: 1147-1158.
  • Croton}, D.~J. and {Norberg}, P. and {Gaztanaga}, E. and {Baugh}, C.~M. (2006), Statistical analysis of galaxy surveys - III: The non-linear clustering of red and blue galaxies in the 2dFGRS.

Edited works: conference proceedings

Journal papers: academic

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