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Department of Physics


Undergraduate Project 2010

As part of a fourth year Undergraduate Project 2010, Emily Okwe-Pearson has produced a series of podcasts designed to support and enhance the teaching of Physics to 14-17 year old school children.

Please feel free to view the podcasts and their supporting material. 

'Electric Circuit Series': Part 1

Basic principles and the origins of charge.

Q: Why is electricity so dangerous?
A: It doesn't conduct itself!

Download 'Electric Circuit Series': Part 1

'Electric Circuit Series': Part 2

Three fundamental quantities: Voltage, Current and Resistance.

"Resistance begins at Ohm"

Download 'Electric Circuit Series': Part 2

'Electric Circuit Series': Part 3

Series and Parallel Circuits.

How to split and flip a current

Download 'Electric Circuit Series': Part 3

Undergraduate Project 2011

This video was produced as part of a student project on Nuclear Fusion and the Life of a Star. Click here to watch the video