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Department of Physics

Institute for Computational Cosmology

ICC researchers carry out supercomputer simulations of the evolution of the Universe, which by solving equations from Physics and including dark matter and dark energy, track the formation of cosmic structures from the Big Bang to the present day. Under certain conditions, they produce galaxy populations that closely resemble those in the real world.

“The new Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics represents a wonderful contribution to the unique architectural heritage of Durham City.
“Its design fits the requirements of a top-class research centre, dedicated to seeking answers to some of the most fundamental questions about our Universe such as: How and when did our Universe begin? What is it made of? How did galaxies and other structures form?
“The new building conveys a sense of adventure that reflects the novelty and excitement of the research that goes on within it. It is an amazing place in which to work.”

Professor Carlos Frenk, Director, Institute for Computational Cosmology