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Department of Physics



Durham to lead research programme in quantum science

(30 March 2017)

Professor Simon Cornish has been awarded a five-year EPSRC Programme Grant to head a consortium of researchers exploring “Quantum Science with Ultracold Molecules”. The research vision for the programme is to achieve full quantum control of cold and ultracold molecules in order to advance the science of complex quantum systems and underpin new quantum technologies. The work builds upon a long-standing collaboration between Prof. Cornish and Prof. Jeremy Hutson in the Department of Chemistry, which has established Durham as a world-leading research centre in the field of ultracold molecules – see for example Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 255301 (2014). The other members of the consortium are Prof. Jeremy Hutson (Durham University), Prof. Dieter Jaksch (Oxford University), and Prof. Ed Hinds, Dr. Mike Tarbutt and Dr. Ben Sauer (all Imperial College London). In addition, the programme is fortunate to include two prominent visiting researchers from the USA, Prof. Lincoln Carr (Colorado School of Mines) and Prof. Paul Julienne (Joint Quantum Institute, NIST and the University of Maryland) – both experts in the theory of ultracold molecules.