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Department of Physics


The IOP Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics Student Meeting

University of Durham, 2rd of April 2014

On Behalf of the Institute of Physics Astroparticle (APP) group, this year Durham University will be hosting the 2014 Nuclear-Particle Astrophyscs Student meeting. This is an annual, one day event that aims to bring together postgraduate students studying in this field.

Students are encouraged to share their work in the form of a short talk, providing an excellent opportunity for them to practice presentational techniques in a less formal environment, thus preparing them for future conferences or talks.

At this meeting participants will learn more about the ongoing areas of research within Astroparticle Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics, such as Cosmic Rays, Dark Matter, Gamma-ray, Neutrino and Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Nucleosynthesis. This then allows them to put their work into a wider astrophysical context; understand the links between theoretical and experimental endeavors, and the great potential of multi-messenger astronomy, and create contacts in the field.

Those interested in attending should complete the Registration Form. Registration for this event closes on Friday the 21nd March, and abstracts should also be provided by this time.
For more information contact Tom Armstrong (Student representative for the APP group) at 

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