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Durham University

Department of Physics


Beneath the waves: How physics is used to develop our understanding of the world at the bottom of the oceans and beyond (Earth Sciences)

22nd February 2020, 10:30, Calman Learning Centre, Dr. Matthew Funnell

Despite water covering more than two thirds of Earth’s surface, more is known about the
surface of Mars than the bottom of the oceans. The oceans hide some of the most interesting and complex geological processes on Earth,
presenting a huge technological and scientificchallenge for observing and understanding this remote world.

In this talk we will look at what we know about the shape, structure, and evolution of the earth’s crust beneath the sea, as well as the longer list of that which we do not know. Together we will explore the techniques being used onboard our ground- breaking research vessels to uncover the secrets at the bottom of the oceans and beyond.

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