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Durham University

Department of Physics


CfAI Seminar Programme

13th June 2018, 13:00 to 14:00, OCW017 (Ogden West L0 seminar room)

Dr Tim Butterley (CfAI Durham):

Dr Ralph Bird (UCLA): Using GAPS to Open New Windows on Dark Matter

Using GAPS to Open New Windows on Dark Matter - Ralph Bird (UCLA)

Dark matter remains one of the biggest mysteries in physics, and though recent years have seen progress, its properties, nature and origin remain unknown. Cosmic rays provide one of the best avenues to search for the products of dark matter annihilation or decay, yet they face many challenges, in particular, irreducible astrophysical backgrounds. Cosmic ray antinucleons provide a new way to search for these products, which, at low energies, is almost background free. GAPS, the General Antiparticle Spectrometer, is designed to search for low energy (100-300 MeV/nucleon) antinucleons (antiprotons, antideuterons and antihelium) using a novel, exotic atom technique. By detecting the atomic X-rays and charged particles produced in the decay of an exotic atom it will provide an almost background free antinucleon detection capability, which is critical to search for these rare events. Funded to fly from McMurdo station in the austral summer of 2020-21, I will present the GAPS !

Experiment, the science that motivates it, how it relates to other antinucleon searches and the status of the current work.

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