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Department of Physics


CfAI Seminar Programme

26th July 2017, 13:00 to 14:00, Room OCW017 (Ogden West L0 seminar room)

Dr Laura Young: Nature's pixels

Prof Benny Cheung (Hong Kong Polytechnic University): Design, Fabrication and Measurement of Freeform Optics.

Prof Benny Cheung Abstract:

Abstract: Nowadays, a lot of advanced optical systems are composed of freeform optical elements which are usually designed with complex surfaces that possess non-rotational symmetry. They are widely used in various industrial applications such as biomedical, aerospace, advanced optics, photonics, etc. Due to the geometrical complexity of freeform optical elements, this imposes a lot of research challenges in the fabrication and measurement of those surfaces. In this presentation, the speaker would like to share his research work and experience related to design, fabrication and measurement of freeform optics which has being undertaken in the Partner State Key Laboratory of Ultraprecision Machining Technology at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Some examples of applications of the technologies in freeform optics and possible future collaboration are also discussed.

Biography of Prof. Benny Cheung

Prof. Benny Chi-Fai Cheung is a Professor and an Associate Head of the Partner State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research interests include ultra-precision machining, advanced optics manufacturing, modeling and simulation of nano-surface generation, precision surface metrology, etc. Currently, he is working as a Durham International Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CAI) in Durham University.

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