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Durham University

Department of Physics



3rd September 2007, 08:00 to 7th September 2007, 19:00, Physics Department

Radiative transfer (RT) is playing an increasingly important role in numerical astrophysics and cosmology. Sometimes RT is required to enable comparison with observations (e.g. modelling of Planetary Nebulae, Lyman-alpha emitting galaxies), sometimes it is an important process affecting the evolution of the system (e.g. radiatively driven winds, photo-evaporation of clouds), or sometimes both (reionization of the Universe, Lyman-Werner radiation in first stars calculations). A variety of schemes for implementing RT have been described in the literature, but the applications of these to realistic problems in numerical astronomy are still rather limited. This situation is changing rapidly as more and more researchers realise that increasingly realistic simulations, or new observational data, demand an accurate treatment of radiative transfer. Extensive effort is being devoted by different communities to the development of RT schemes. Given the importance of RT to future observations (e.g. LOFAR for reionization, but also the current experiments for detecting high-redshift galaxies) we think that a workshop on this topic is extremely timely.

The general focus of the workshop will be on RT in numerical astrophysics, including both line and continuum transfer. During the workshop we plan to discuss both numerical and technical issues and their applications. Our aim will be to decide which approximate schemes are best suited to which physical problems, and thus vastly speed-up existing schemes. To take advantage of expertise gained in different fields we envisage participation from cosmologists (reionization, Lyman-alpha emitters), and stellar and BH astronomers (GMCs, line-driven winds, PNe, SNe).

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