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Durham University

Organisation Development

Excellence in Learning and Teaching

1st Round (awarded May 2001)

Dr Pamela Knights - Department of English Studies

Dr Douglas Halliday - Department of Physics

Dr P Hatton - Department of Physics

Dr Jeff Warburton - Department of Geography

2nd Round (awarded December 2001)

Dr Elizabeth Burd - Department of Computer Science

Dr Colin Crowder - Department of Theology

Dr Philip Gates - Department of Biological Sciences

Dr David Higgett - Department of Geography

Dr Andrew Russell - Department of Anthropology

Dr Mike Waring - School for Health

3rd Round (awarded December 2002)

Dr Barbara Graziosi - Department of Classics & Ancient History

Dr Ben Horton - Department of Geography

Dr Barbara Watson - Information Technology Service

Joint Award (Dr K McCaffrey, Dr R Holdsworth, Dr D Jerram) - Department of Geological Sciences

4th Round (awarded December 2003)

Dr K Boardman - ITS, Learning Technologies Team

Dr R Deazley - Department of Law

Dr J Fox - Department of History

Dr I Hughes - Department of Physics

Dr S Jones - Department of Earth Sciences

5th Round (awarded December 2004)

Dr C Macpherson - Department of Earth Sciences

Dr J Blowey - Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dr H Ball - Department of Anthropology

Dr M Bentley - Department of Geography

Dr T Osborne - Department of History

6th Round (awarded December 2005)

Dr S Wagstaffe - School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Dr L Graham - Business School

Dr S Nunn - School for Health

Dr H Armstrong - Department of Earth Sciences

Dr A Easton - Department of Psychology

7th Round (awarded December 2006)

Dr S Abel - Department of Mathematical Sciences

Mrs E Schumacher-Reid - School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Dr N Mears - Department of History

Dr S Jones & Dr P Martin - Department of Earth Sciences

8th Round (awarded December 2007)

Dr R Schutze - Department of Law

Dr A Ellison - Department of Psychology

Dr H Smithson - Department of Psychology

Dr C Palmer - School of Applied Social Sciences

Dr P Chadwick - Physics

9th Round (awarded December 2008)

Dr B Dodds - Department of History

Dr J Wright - Department of History

Dr A Signer - Department of Physics

Ms H Charnley - School of Applied Social Sciences

Mrs M Bruce - Foundation Centre

10th Round (awarded December 2009)

Dr E Poulton - School of Applied Social Sciences

11th Round (awarded April 2011)

Dr Patrick Zuk - Music

Dr Stuart Foyle - Theology and Religion

Drs Sherri Johnstone; - Engineering and Computing Sciences

Dr Shamus Smith - Engineering and Computing Sciences

Dr Simon Forrest - Medicine and Health

12th Round (awarded April 2012)

Dr Ivana Petrovic & Dr Andrej Petrovic - Classics and Ancient History

Dr Giles Gasper & Dr Len Scales - History

Dr Julita Gasowska - Chemistry

Dr Anthony McGregor - Psychology

Dr Iain Edgar - Anthropology

Professor Rachel Pain - Geography

Dr Gabrielle Finn & Mrs Pam White - School of Medicine and Health

13th Round (awarded April 2013)

Dr Santiago Fouz Hernandez - MLAC

Dr Jacquie Robson - Chemistry

Dr Caroline Walker-Gleaves - Education

Dr Kris Kovarovic - Anthropology

14th Round (awarded April 2014)

Dr Ivana Evans - Chemistry

Dr Vikki Boliver - Applied Social Sciences

Dr Sam Nolan - Foundation Centre

15th Round (awarded April 2015)

Ms Sylvie Donna - English Language Centre

Dr Philip Nathan - English Language Centre

Dr Elizabeth Grayson - Chemistry

Prof Ian Stone - Business School

16th Round (awarded April 2016)

Dr Cathy McClive - History

Dr Sam Hillyard - Applied Social Sciences

Dr Mark McCormack - Applied Social Sciences

Mrs Catherine Reading - Education

Dr Nick Pearce - Foundation Centre

Prof Thom Brooks - Law

17th Round (awarded April 2017)

Please follow links below to read personal statements:

Dr James Corke-Webster - Classics and Ancient History

Dr Matthew Johnson - History

Dr Pippa Coffer - Chemistry

Dr Stephen Bradley - Engineering and Computing Sciences

Dr Ivan Hill- Applied Social Sciences

Dr Philip Warwick - Business School

Ms Lana Ashby - Law

18th Round (awarded April 2018)

Please follow links below to read personal statements: