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Organisation Development

Aims of the Organisation Development Team

The overriding aim of the Organisation Development team is to provide focused organisational and individual development initiatives for all members of the University staff community to support the delivery of the University Strategy, demonstrate the University Values and assist with the creation of an Inclusive Culture at Durham.

This aim is achieved in a number of ways:

  • By providing a comprehensive range of development programmes, workshops and e-learning resources that are accessible for all members of staff. These programmes are developed and refined each year to reflect the priorities of the University and our staff Community
  • By providing targeted initiatives that are appropriate to specific staff leadership and management groups at all levels
  • By developing bespoke development interventions for individuals, teams and departments to assist with embedding strategic change and localised strategic priorities
  • By providing a framework of resources to support a range of organisational and personal development needs including wellbeing and working differently, and Equality and Diversity
  • By maintaining strong links with other institutions and training providers to ensure organisational development best practice is brought into the institution
  • By helping staff develop their skillsets and in turn their potential careers within the University sector

Organisation Development supports all academic, research and professional services staff by ensuring they have the opportunity to access the personal skills development required to lead, manage and undertake their roles with confidence and to the highest standards.

You can contact the Organisation Development team with any questions, comments or suggestions by emailing: