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Our researchers are constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and using their learning to inform public and policy debate. Here are a few recent examples.

From abortion to economics

In the USA, critics have branded a decision by Arizona’s Supreme Court to resurrect a law that bans all abortions as going “back into the 19th Century”. Dr Kevin Waite, from our Department of History, wrote for the Los Angeles Times, exploring the context of the original law and introducing those who created it.

The global financial system is enduring some turmoil. Professor Cam Cakmakli, from our Business School, spoke with the Gulf Times about economic measures being implemented in Turkiye.

Colleagues in our School of Government and International Affairs have also been commenting on the situation in the Middle East. These colleagues have included Professor Clive Jones, Professor Ilan Baron and Dr Robert Geist Pinfold.

AI, quasars and memory

In the UK, Clare McGlynn, from our Law School, is calling for a change in the law so that using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manufacture deepfake pornography is illegal. She wrote for The Conversation about her campaign.

Also regarding AI: the recording industry is grappling with the power of AI to generate music. Professor Nick Collins, from our Department of Music, spoke to New Scientist about the threat AI poses for artists.

Also in New Scientist, Professor Chris Done, from our Department of Physics, reflected on the discovery of quasar 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun.

And finally, do you worry about your memory? Professor Alex Easton, from our Department of Psychology, says sometimes forgetting things can be a good sign. Read more at The Conversation.

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